Unprofitable inland South African container terminal closes near East London
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After 20 years, the inland Cambridge's CX container terminal on the edge of East London, South Africa, has shut down for lack of throughput.

"There has been a decline in volumes, and the cost of running the terminal was exceeding the income generated. There is also no growth of rail volumes projected," said Transnet Freight Rail spokesman Mike Asefovitz.

The East London Daily Dispatch also reported that all container trains have been re-routed to the East London waterfront, where the containers are off-loaded by Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), which will increase efficiency, say Transnet officials.

The change has angered customers, who say door-to-door container deliveries will be discontinued by April. But Mr Asefovitz said door-to-door service will continue from the East London harbour.

"Containers are offloaded from rail by Port Terminals in East London port. Existing customers are not affected by the closing down of Cambridge terminal, as the rail service has not been discontinued," he said.

Transnet client, East London warehouse manager Frik Harmse said he was told that containers would no longer be delivered on their doorstep from April 1.

"We will have to transport the containers from the port ourselves, which is very costly. It will be easier to send our goods from Johannesburg by road," he said.