Middle reaches of Yangtze dredged to carry 100,000-tonners to Wuhan
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Luohuzhou waterways in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River have been dredged allow 100,000-tonne ships to reach Wuhan, the metropolis of Central China, Xinhua reported.

After the 12-kilometre shallow bottleneck, 58 miles from Wuhan was dredged to a 4.3 metre minimum, the 100,000 tonne Chang Jiang 22021 of Chang Jiang Shipping Group Phoenix Co Ltd safely navigated the channel, the report said.

China has been working on the CNY133 million (US$18.78 million) dredging project at Luohuzhou since 2005 and navigation conditions have greatly improved, the report said.

Width of the waterways ranges from 350 metres to 510 metres, wide enough for passing of 100,000-tonne ships.

In the past, ships ran ground at Luohuzhou in low water season, but now they can pass without problem and water flow is much more peaceful, said Zhang Yanming, captain of Chang Jiang 22021.