Software firm offers help to cope with 10+2 US Customs compliance
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Management Dynamics, providers of global trade management solutions, is advising American importers to take specific steps to cope with new 10+2 US Customs rules requiring more information on consignments.

To meet the demands of anti-terrorist measures, the company says shippers ought to classify goods before issuing purchase orders; secure identities of all parties related to shipments; access advance ship notices, commercial invoices and packing lists when goods are ready to ship.

Management Dynamics statement also advised shippers to integrate all supply chain partners to capture key 10+2 information as well as retain records of the Importer Security Filing and the Carrier Security Filing, also measuring SLAs with supply chain partners on filing timeliness, filing accuracy and response times and develop reporting mechanisms to identify risky shipments.

"We have extended the connectivity and compliance capabilities of our global trade management solution to facilitate 10+2 compliance for importers and logistics providers," said Management Dynamics CEO Jim Preuninger.

Published in the Federal Register on January 2, the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking will require 10 sets of data from importers 24 hours before loading vessels, and two sets of data from ocean carriers no later than 48 hours after sailing.